Daylight Modeling

Daylight Modeling allows architects and designers to see the impact of variations in their daylighting strategies long before the space is constructed.
  • Avoid daylighting disasters and disappointments
  • Better understand capturing LEED® points through well-planned daylighting
  • Develop optional daylighting design alternatives
  • Improve the environments for all living things
  • Enhance the well-being, peace of mind and productivity of occupants


The objectives of Kalwall's Daylight Modeling Service are to:
  • assist in verifying that your design achieves adequate ambient light levels
  • assist in qualifying for LEED® or other sustainable rating agenda
  • promote passive daylighting as the most effective and expedient way to meet "Carbon Zero" objectives
  • educate designers, builders, specifiers and owners about the benefits of Kalwall® ... the most highly insulating, diffuse-light-transmitting system in the world.