Structures Unlimited, Inc.


For over 40 years, Structures Unlimited, Inc. has been creating the most energy efficient, diffuse-light-transmitting skylights, enclosures and buildings with clear spans over 100 feet. A unique technology of our own self-supporting aluminum structure is blended with Kalwall® translucent sandwich panels to form a total composite system ... pre-engineered, prefabricated and factory pre-finished for trouble-free, energy-efficient, maintenance-free performance. The balanced daylighting achieved by these highly corrosion-resistant, ultra energy-efficient structures opens up a world of design and engineering possibilities to architects and building designers.

In its latest evolution of technology, Structures Unlimited has the unique ability to meet and exceed all energy requirements and thermal codes through the utilization of newly developed metal panels, traditional highly insulated diffuse-light panels and the revolutionary Nanogel®-infilled translucent panels - achieving insulation values up to R-46!

Structures Unlimited skylights and enclosures stand up to hurricane-force winds and are ideally suited for a range of applications from shopping malls and airports, to corporate headquarters, factories, hospitals, swimming pools and even luxury residential applications.

Structures Unlimited, Inc., is an strategic partner of Kalwall Corporation, and thus, the history of Structures Unlimited goes back to the founding of Kalwall. By the end of World War II, Robert Keller had amassed an impressive background of practical experience in the fields of laminating and bonding dissimilar materials and working with high-strength, lightweight construction materials utilized in aircraft manufacturing. Keller was a pioneer during the "golden age of bonding." The formulation of specialty high-pressure resins, bonding dissimilar materials and design challenges fueled Keller's fertile imagination. Keller focused his attention on developing a proprietary light-transmitting, structural sandwich panel that was lightweight, inexpensive, insulated, long lasting for the life of the building and that would give architects complete flexibility with virtually endless design possibilities. The surface material of Keller's miracle panel was a specially formulated fiberglass sheet bonded to an aluminum framework. Keller is credited as the inventor of translucent sandwich panel technology and his company, Kalwall Corporation, was founded in 1955.

STRUCTURES UNLIMITED, INC. To meet demands for spanning large areas such as hotel swimming pools, large central lobbies and atriums with skylights and skyroofs, and to make possible the creation of entire translucent structures, a strategic partnership with Kalwall was formed in 1968. Structures Unlimited, Inc. is the only single-source manufacturer providing total responsibility from design through installation of structural skylights, skyroofs, pool enclosures, canopies, walkways and entire structures.

Flat or curved, composite translucent Kalwall sandwich panels are combined with an exclusive pre-engineered aluminum box beam structural system. This unique pre-engineered box beam system can span areas in excess of 100 feet, while providing a clean, finished appearance that is maintenance-free, energy efficient and highly corrosion resistant.

Structures Unlimited, Inc. systems are the world's most highly insulating, diffuse-light transmitting, structural skylights, skyroofs and translucent structures.

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