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Kalwall Is Light-Years Ahead in Translucent Daylighting Systems

Kalwall is a proven, highly functional, building technology that began over 50 years ago with the invention of a translucent, true sandwich panel by the company's founder, inventor and chairman, Robert Keller. Since 1955, he has directed the continued development of a building panel that extracts and converts free energy from the sun to heat, cool, naturally light, and dramatically "electrify" buildings (figuratively, and soon literally). Kalwall allows building designers and owners to incorporate advanced technologies into the buildings of today and tomorrow!

Kalwall is the most highly insulating, diffuse light-transmitting, structural composite sandwich panel technology in the world. The company has perfected a unique composite fenestration that combines controlled, usable, natural daylight with properties of the ultimate in energy efficiency. The panels are lightweight, shatterproof and have impressive structural integrity. A truly amazing strength-to-weight ratio (less than 2 pounds per square foot) makes the application of Kalwall limited only by the imagination. There are countless potential configurations of Wall Systems and Curtainwalls, Window Systems and Window Replacements, Skylights, Clearspan Skylights/Skyroofs, Walkways/Canopies and Complete Structures.

What Is Kalwall?

Kalwall is NOT a plastic, polycarbonate or glass. Kalwall is a translucent fenestration system whose primary element is a structural composite sandwich panel formed by permanently bonding, under heat and pressure, specially formulated, fiberglass-reinforced translucent faces to a grid core constructed of interlocked, structural aluminum/composite, thermally broken "I" beams. Panels can be curved or flat. Every job is custom pre-engineered from standard components to assure a perfect fit.

Kalwall Is Museum-Quality Daylighting

High-quality, natural daylighting exists in very few of today's buildings -- unless they incorporate Kalwall. Kalwall has the unique ability to fill a space with diffused, natural daylight, even on cloudy, dark days. Millions of prismatic glass fibers imbedded in the faces of Kalwall refract sunshine and even overcast daylight, in a balanced, diffuse wash of glare-free, usable light. Even on bright sunny days, there is no harsh glare. The quality of light is truly exceptional, especially where computer screens or video monitors are used. Shades, curtains and light shelves can be eliminated.

Kalwall provides a wide range of light levels to suit virtually every task level requirement. Natural light can be correctly qualified by a specialized Kalwall Daylighting Analysis. A computer-modeled, weather-weighted, average daylighting analysis program allows proper selection of the correct foot-candles at task level for every space within the Kalwall-lit area. The result is complete design control in creating the most people-friendly environment filled with glare-free, shadowless, natural light. Significant savings are realized in electric lighting costs.

For complete details on Kalwall, reference the Sweets catalogs outlined in each section or contact Kalwall for more information. Several times a year, Kalwall publishes a newsletter detailing recent projects. To receive your free subscription, send your request to Kalwall along with your name and mailing address.


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