Kalwall Corporation

translucent daylighting systems - standard skylights

  • 2-3/4" (70mm) thick, flat S-Line Skylights up to 5' x 20' (1.5m x 6m). Minimum slope = 3/8" per foot

  • Pyramids from 4' (1.2m) square up to 60' (20m) square.

  • Geo-Roof® units in 21 standard sized units from 8' to 24' diameter (2.4m to 7.3m).

  • Available knocked-down or prefabricated.

  • LEED® contribution.

  • Super-insulating, light-transmitting Kalwall+ Nanogel® infilled with translucent aerogel for R-20, panel U-value of 0.05 BTU/(hr/ft²/ºF) or 0.30 W/m²K with 20% light transmission.

  • Special application and national building code-compliant. Following are just a few of the codes and standards applying to Kalwall Translucent Standard Skylights :
    • Explosion Venting Panels designed and manufactured to FM 4440 standards
    • ASTM E 1886 and E1996 Hurricane Standards, including flying debris cannon test promulgated originally in the Florida Building Code
    • ASTM E331 Water Penetration
    • ASTM E283-91 Air Leakage
    • ASTM E330-90 Structural Performance
    • Designed in accordance with ICC-ES, ASCE 7 methods; and approved to FM Standard 4471 for Roof Systems as an add option
    • Seismic codes
    • Optional extra-high impact faces withstand extraordinary impact forces in accordance with UL 972 standards
    • A thermoset FRP/aluminum composite that will not melt, Kalwall panels have many optional fire reaction capabilities.
  • Complies with DoD and GSA UFC 4-010-01 Blast-Resistant Construction.

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